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Polluto 7

Authors: Victoria Hooper

ISBN: 9781907133077

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Congratulations to Deb Hoag, whose story 'Phat is a Four Letter Word' has been chosen as the editor's choice for Issue 7! All poems and stories were given anonymously to the Editor-in-Chief to read, and he picked Deb's as his favourite, feeling that it perfectly fits the energy and dark humour of Polluto. Deb's story can be read in Polluto 7, due out soon! From bone-crushing lovers to a cross-dressing hitman, the night-soil man of the gods and sex conditioning on squids, the dangerous desires of the diabolically large and seductively small, body-swapping, gender-swapping, exploration, transcendence and re-incarnation, machines that are gods and machines that are cats . . . some of the strangest and scariest authors are gathered here - enter if you dare!

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