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The Apprentice Journals II: Gemini

Authors: J. Michael Shell

ISBN: 9781907133923

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In this futuristic setting of magic and science, Spaul and Pearl’s twins have arrived: one human, one half-human and half fire elemental. These star-crossed parents must tame the terrible power—and volatile emotions—of their amazingly beautiful, half-Fierae child.

But when Pearl and Spaul are taken by the Masons, it falls on the twins to save them. They must overcome the singularity of their intense sibling love and embark on a journey. They must break out their lodestone gauntlets and call to the Zephrae. They must ride the lines from Smith’s Crossing to the croc-infested Florida.

In Gemini, humans and elementals must come together again to face new challenges in a story of lightning, fire and love.

J. Michael Shell’s fiction has appeared internationally in dozens of literary magazines and anthologies, including the Shirley Jackson Award nominated Bound for Evil anthology and Spectrum Fantastic Arts Award winning Polluto magazine. He earned his degree in English from the University of South Carolina, where he studied under the great poet and novelist James Dickey. Though he has been called an “Old Hippie,” Shell insists the correct appellation is “Last Hippie.” He is currently residing south of the Mason Dixon line.

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