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Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters

Authors: Deb Hoag

ISBN: 9781907133442

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This follow-up to Women Writing the Weird contains a wealth of short stories featuring iron-willed heroines, soul-shredding monsters and hilariously misguided buffoons. Despite the vast differences in plot, circumstance and voice, the protagonists all share one feature: they are women – mothers and daughters, sisters, midwives and waitresses, heroines and traitors, cold-hearted huntswomen and decadent goddesses. This cornucopia will have you terrified, enthralled, uplifted and debauched while you read it; the stories will linger in your mind for a long, unsettling time. The next time you see the woman in your life, be it lover, mother or daughter, you will pause and check for the hidden blade before she envelops you in her loving, familiar arms.

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