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Five Leaves Publications

Five Leaves has been publishing since 1996, with now around 200 titles on its backlist. Their areas of interest include fiction (including crime and young adult fiction), Jewish secular culture, social history and poetry. As well as Five Leaves itself, their imprints include New London Editions (reissues of classic London fiction), Bromley House Editions (reissues of forgotten Nottingham books), Crime Express (crime fiction novellas and ebooks) and Richard Hollis (literary and memoir).

Five Leaves' writers are from the East Midlands, national and international, with some work in translation from Catalan, from refugee writers and in dual language Yiddish/English, Arabic/English though their main work stems from our radical and literary roots in this country. Five Leaves' list includes books by well-known writers including David Belbin, Stephen Booth, Berlie Doherty and John Harvey but they stand firmly in the small press tradition.

Five Leaves Publications
PO Box 8786
  Tel: +44 (0)115 9693597

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