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Gee Williams

Gee Williams was born and brought up in North Wales and now lives in Cheshire with her husband. A widely-published poet and a dramatist as well as writer of fiction, her work has appeared in disparate places: from The Sunday Times to The Pan Book of Horror. Many of her scripts have been broadcast by BBC Radio 4. She has won both The Rhys Davies and The Book Pl@ce Contemporary Short Story Awards, was Poetry Review's New Poet, Summer 1997, short-listed for The Geoffrey Dearmer Award and (in collaboration with Sol B. River) short-listed for the Race in the Media Radio Drama Award 2001 Poet, short storyist, novelist, scriptwriter, editor, radio broadcaster. Born in North Wales. Degree in English and Education, Culham College, Oxford. Former lecturer in Creative Writing and Literature, now full–time writer. Poetry Society/ Poetry Review New Poet, summer ’97; Poet in Residence, Flintshire County, 1998. Numerous magazine and anthology pieces. Numerous prose scripts for Radio Wales and Radio 4 and two full–length plays. Shortlisted for the Richard Imerson Award and Commission for Racial Equality Race in the Media awards. Rhys Davies Award, 1996. The Book Pl@ce Contemporary Short Story Award 2003. Gee’s first novel Salvage (Alcemi, 2007) was voted winner of the Pure Gold Fiction Award in 2008 by Welsh readers and is short-listed for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction 2008. Reviews: With respect to Magic and Other Deceptions (Gwasg Gee, 2001): "…Meaning to do no more than skim, I found myself still there an hour later, guzzling the stories one by one like sweets in childhood…" Stevie Davies, New Welsh Review With respect to Salvage (Alcemi, 2007): “…we are caught and hooked upon a multi-layered murder-mystery. There Williams feeds us little entrails to keep the haunting pages turning only to find, at each change of narrator, that we chose the wrong starter for the main course….Salvage is a gripping, unpredictable read that endears each of its colourful characters to us, flaws and all…” Susie Wild, Planet “…The novel has the distinction of being both a page-turner and one you want to savour. …Salvage is the least predictable novel I’ve read in a long time…” Sally Quilford, The New Writer “...Williams’ writing is off-beat, subtle, haunting, fresh...” Kate Long "...A controlled and gifted stylist, Williams is inventive and inspiring in her craft. Salvage masquerades as a murder mystery while exploring the less sunlit aspects of the Welsh shoreline and of the human soul. Dominant and daring in her prose, Williams relishes the act of writing and constructs five distinct characters with genres particular to each, as well as a provocative intervention of the author herself. Salvage constantly shifts the literary goalposts from crime to romance to a metafictional crisis while never losing the immediacy of the characters or the suspense of the crime...” Prof Colin Nicholson, University of Edinburgh and the James Tait Black Prize for fiction With respect to Blood, etc (Parthian, 2008) "…stories that reflect Williams’s strength as a writer…individual stories stand alone as unique microcosms – sometimes disquieting, often challenging, never static..." Suzy Ceulan Hughes, with permission of the Welsh Books Council Selected Publications: Magic and Other Deceptions (Gwasg Gee, 2001) Salvage (Alcemi, 2007) Blood, etc (Parthian, 2008) Contributed to: Tilting at Windmills (contributor) (Parthian, 1995) Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe (contributor) (Parthian, 1999) Death On Stanley Street (editor) (Word Weavers, 2001) Mirror, Mirror (editor) (Honno, 2003) A Dang’rous Thing (editor) (Word Weavers, 2003) Visit Gee's Blog at: [url=http://www.geewilliams.blogspot.com]geewilliams.blogspot[/url]
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