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The premier showcase for contemporary Russian writing in English translation, Glas has been discovering new writers (Pelevin, Ulitskaya, Babchenko) and rediscovering under-appreciated past masters (Bulgakov, Platonov, Krzhizhanovsky) since 1991. Based in Moscow, Glas began as an anthology of diverse writers grouped around a unifying theme (e.g. revolution, fear, childhood, women’s views). Later issues have focused on single authors to give the reader a better sense of their work. With more than 100 names represented, Glas is the most comprehensive English-language source on Russian letters today – a must for libraries, students of world literature, and all those who love good writing.

"Glas is a first-rate series, well planned and very well translated. Anyone interested in Russia and good writing should seek it out." - The Observer

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