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A civil engineer and a medical journalist may seem an unlikely partnership to form a children’s book publishing company, but husband and wife team Tom and Karen Stevens, who launched Hogs Back Books in 2010, are undeterred by being ‘outsiders’. The company name is taken from the Hogs Back - a ridge of chalk that runs between Guildford and Farnham in Surrey. “Hogs Back” is thought to be derived from the ancient word “og” meaning “giant”. But rather than claiming to be a giant in publishing, the company has adopted a pig’s snout as its logo and the phrase “a nose for a good book”. “It’s always difficult breaking into a new market for authors and illustrators, as well as for publishers, and in the current economic climate things are more difficult than ever, but we’re working alongside a team of talented and creative people, with lots of ideas for making and selling books. And even if we don’t become the next big thing in publishing – at least we’ll hopefully put a few more good books on the shelves and have fun trying.”


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