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The London Magazine - October / November 2012

The London Magazine - October / November 2012

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Poems by Peter Abbs, Peter Ainsworth, Abu Al Salt Umayyah Ibn Abd Al Aziz, Norman Buller, Helen Calcutt, Grey Gowrie, John Kinsella, William Oxley, Ian Parks, Heenali Patel and Fiona Ritchie Walker. 

Short story, ‘Death and the Maiden’, by Mika Seifert.

‘In the World, Not of the World: Glenn Gould’s Solitude Trilogy: Thirty years after the pianist’s death, Julian Beecroft describes the brilliance of his groundbreaking radio broadcasts.

‘Charlotte Mew: The Moon’s Dropped Child’: Norman Buller examines the troubled life of a great, if rarely remembered poet.

‘To Be a Pilgrim’: Henry Eliot recounts a recreation of Chaucer’s pilgrimage to Canterbury undertaken this year in aid of the National Literacy Trust – 625 years after the original.

‘On Arabs and Ignorance’: Eamonn Gearon reminds us how much we have to gain from learning about and respecting the contribution of the Arab world to global progress.

‘Othello, the Comedy’: An extract from Ian Kelly’s new life of the theatre-man, Samuel Foote, Mr. Foote’s Other Leg.

‘Thomas Mann’s ‘Disorder and Early Sorrow’: Jeffrey Meyers looks at a short story whose central characters reflect the difficulties faced in inter-war Germany.

‘Mysterious Disappearances: God, Money and the Musical Banks’: Horatio Morpurgo analyses one of Clifford’s Inn’s most significant tenants: Samuel Butler, and his timeless satire.

‘Isaac D’Israeli’s Curious Conservatism’: Matthew Scott discusses the life, letters and legacy of the Prime Minister’s father.

‘Making Love Collectively’: George Watson ponders the reluctance to acknowledge the origins of good ideas.


Peter Abbs, Two poems in memory of Janice Fixter

Peter Ainsworth, Passchendaele

Abu Al Salt Umayyah Ibn Abd Al Aziz, On the Astrolabe as Described by the Science of Astronomy

Norman Buller, Matisse and the Dancer

Helen Calcutt, Two poems

Grey Gowrie, The Andrians

John Kinsella, Passage through Icebergs

William Oxley, Gare

Ian Parks, Oracle

Heenali Patel, Safari

Fiona Ritchie Walker, Northern Territory - Winner of the Inpress 'Indian Summer' Poetry Competition, September 2012


Conor Patrick, ‘The Late Train to Santa Fe’


Julian Beecroft: 'In the World, Not of the World: Glenn Gould’s Solitude Trilogy'

Norman Buller: Charlotte Mew: The Moon’s Dropped Child

Henry Eliot: To Be a Pilgrim

Eamonn Gearon: On Arabs and Ignorance

Ian Kelly: Othello, the Comedy

Jeffrey Meyers: Thomas Mann’s ‘Disorder and Early Sorrow’

Horatio Morpurgo: Mysterious Disappearances: God, Money and the Musical Banks

Matthew Scott: Isaac D’Israeli’s Curious Conservatism

George Watson: Making Love Collectively


Frank Armstrong, The Unbearable Heaviness of Human Beings (Offer, Pechey & Ulijaszek [eds.], ‘Insecurity, Inequality and Obesity in Affluent Societies’)

Lisa Dart, Between Presence and Absence (John Burnside, ‘Black Cat Bone’)

Jason Harding, Signing the Vivid Air (Feigel, Sutherland & Spender [eds.], ‘Stephen Spender: New Selected Journals 1939-1995’)

Terry Kelly, Midterm Reports (Don Paterson, ‘Selected Poems’; James Fenton, ‘Yellow Tulips: Poems 1968-2011’; & Tom Paulin, ‘Love’s Bonfire’)

Andrew Nash, Disorder into Melody: Opera Holland Park 2012 (Donizetti, ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’; Mascagni, ‘Zanetto’; & Puccini, ‘Gianni Schicchi’)

Natalie Pollard, On your Marks (Poetry pamphlets: Laura Drever and Lesley Harrison, ‘Ecstatics: A Language of Birds’; Charlotte Gann, ‘The Long Woman’; Douglas Dunn, ‘Invisible Ink’; Paul Bentley, ‘Largo’; Maitreyabandhu, ‘The Bond’; & Roísín Tierney, ‘Dream Endings’)

Marina Vaizey, The Unknown Russian (Artist Oleg Kudryashov at the Bermondsey Project Space)

John Weston, A Paraphrase for Survival (Sean Borodale, ‘Bee Journal’)

George Williamson, Taking a Long View (Malise Ruthven, ‘Encounters with Islam: On Religion, Politics and Modernity’)

Paul Williamson, Richard Taruskin: Music, Words and the Idea of History (Monteverdi and Taruskin at the O/Modernt festival in Sweden)