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Tales From the Leaking Boot

Authors: Matt Black

Published by Iron Press

ISBN: 9780995457928

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In Tales from the Leaking Boot we ride four travel journals of wide-eyed, sharp and humorous haiku; through the streets of Austin, Texas; on a road trip through philosophy, cheese and the unlikely role of Mister Bean in Germany; into lemon groves, fish markets and Vodaphone ring-tones through Turkey; and finally to the Amusement Arcades and the shell-strewn beach, where Jonny Donut watches the horizon, in Cleethorpes. Evocative of landscape, sometimes satirical, and occasionally hilarious, we look with a squint glance at landscape, people and the haiku form itself.

These are not reflective haiku, they are the reflective haiku’s wild outlaw cousin, having fun and walking the wire.

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