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Jacques Réda is a French poet, jazz critic, and flâneur. Born in 1929, Réda has published about 30 works of poetry and prose, and was awarded the French Academy’s Grand Prix in 1993 for a lifetime’s work. He first made his name as a writer on jazz (he rejects the term “jazz critic”, protesting that he is “neither a musician nor a musicologist”) and served as editor of the prestigious Nouvelle Revue Française (NRF) from 1987 to 1995. Réda’s first three major books of poetry, Amen, Récitatif and La Tourne (published between 1968 and 1975), arrived during the period of experimentation that followed the demise of surrealism and engaged political poetry, anticipating the “new lyricism” that was to gain momentum in the 1980s. Read a feature about Jacques Réda in the [url=]Irish Times, 14 April 2010[/url].
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