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Janice Fitzpatrick-Simmons

Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons took an MA from the University of New Hampshire. Her four collections of poetry have been reviewed in the USA, Ireland and Great Britain. Widely published in literary journals in Ireland, England and America, Janice's work has appeared in major anthologies such as A Rage for Order, The Backyards of Heaven, The Blackbird's Nest, Salmon: A Journey in Poetry 1981-2007 and Irish American Poets since 1800. After a period as assistant director of the Frost Place in New Hampshire, Janice founded the Poets' House in Portmuck in 1990, moved it to Falcarragh in 1996 and relocated its teaching function to Waterford in September 2005. The Poets' House was the first cultural and educational institution in Ireland to offer an MA in creative writing.
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