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Katrina Porteous

Katrina Porteous is best known for her long landscape poems for BBC radio, which include, with producer Julian May, Longshore Drift (2003), Dunstanburgh (2004), The Refuge Box (2007), and (with composer Peter Zinovieff, 2011) Horse. Born in Aberdeen, Katrina lives on the Northumberland coast, and the human and natural history of that area inform her work. Her publications include The Lost Music (Bloodaxe, 1996), Dunstanburgh (Smokestack, 2005) and The Blue Lonnen (Jardine Press, 2007). Her prose studies of the Northumbrian fishing community include The Bonny Fisher Lad (People’s History, 2003) and Limekilns and Lobsterpots (forthcoming). Katrina also writes in Northumbrian dialect, as in The Wund an’ the Wetter (with piper Chris Ormston, Iron Press, 1999). She is President of the Northumbrian Language Society.

Website: www.katrinaporteous.co.uk

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