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The London Magazine - October / November 2011

The London Magazine - October / November 2011

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Poems by Moniza Alvi, Emily Bilman, Martyn Crucefix, Oliver Dixon, Frank Dullaghan, Philip Gross, Victor Hugo, Mohsen Jabbari, Alan Morrison, Michael Mott, Sophie Playle, Christopher Reid and James Simpson.

Short stories by Justin Kerr-Smiley, Steven O’Brien, James Raiher & Simon Stewart, and Peter Robinson.

‘“The Barometer Readings of my Soul”: The Autobiographical Writing of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’: Peter Abbs continues his enthralling survey of self-examination with an investigation into Rousseau’s attempt to assuage his paranoia.

‘In the Shadow of Lorca’: On the release of a new translation of the Gypsy Ballads, Atef Alshaer considers the Andalucian poet’s influence on contemporary Arabic poetry of resistance.

‘The Arab Poet Laureate: An Appreciation of Adonis’: Ghayth Armanazi considers the significance of the Syrian legend’s outspoken sensibilities following his award of the Goethe Prize and tipping for the Nobel.

‘The Thin End of a Hamburger-Shaped Wedge’: Frank Armstrong looks at the history of meat eating and wonders how we came to get it so wrong.

‘Strange Incidents in Libya’: John Blashford-Snell remembers some hair-raising moments in the desert.

‘W. B. Yeats and Sailing to Byzantium’: Norman Buller analyses the Irishman’s reflections as he felt the end approaching.

‘Poet vs. Preacher: Milton’s Dichotomy in Paradise Lost’: On the publication of his book on the subject, Peter Davies explains Milton’s inner wranglings over heavenly virtue and earthly dignity.

‘The Convivial Pepys’: London Magazine advisor David Latham – also son of the editor of Pepys’ Diaries – discusses some passages of the diary concerned with sumptuous feasting.

‘Rioting: A Very British Business’: Member of Parliament, Patrick Mercer, considers last summer’s rioting in light of our history of uprisings.

‘Literary Graves: The Sense of an Ending’: Essayist Jeffrey Meyers takes a tour of the burial sites of some distinguished literary and cultural figures, and wonders at some of the more curious ceremonies.

‘The Predicament of the Press’: Prominent journalist Andrew Pierce discusses press freedom in light of the phone-hacking scandal.

‘Faith, Science and Nature: Owen Jones’s Quest for a New Ornamental Idiom’: Hal Swindall sheds light on the contribution of an oft-overlooked architect and designer of the Victorian era.


Moniza Alvi, 'First Days of the World (God Speaks)'
Emily Bilman, 'The Stags'
Martyn Crucefix, 'My Brief Career in Medicine'
Oliver Dixon, 'Poem of the Late Tang'
Frank Dullaghan, 'Halloween'
Philip Gross, Two Poems
Victor Hugo, 'Boaz Asleep'
Mohsen Jabbari, 'I’m Sleeping on the Roof Tonight'
Alan Morrison, Two Poems
Michael Mott, 'Begging'
Sophie Playle, 'Napkin Swans'
Christopher Reid, Two Poems
James Simpson, 'The Untenanted Room, part V'


Justin Kerr-Smiley, ‘The Day of the Dead’
Steven O’Brien, ‘Herne’
James Raiher & Simon Stewart, ‘On Being Watched’
Peter Robinson, ‘A Mystery Murder’


Peter Carpenter - Forces To Be Reckoned With (Tim Liardet, ‘The Storm House’ & Sean O’Brien, ‘November’)
David Chandler - Between Earth and Heaven (Alfredo Catalani, ‘La Wally’ at Opera Holland Park)
Jess Chandler - Building History (Iain Sinclair, ‘Ghost Milk: Calling Time on the Grand Project’)
Belinda Cooke - Half a Mirror (William Stone, ‘Drawing in Ash’ & Peter Bennet, ‘The Game of Bear’)
George Hull - Has Houellebecq Lost La Haine? (Michel Houellebecq, ‘The Map and the Territory’)
W.S. Milne - Wild Life: Recent Books from Agenda Editions (Andrew McNeillie, ‘Losers Keepers’; James Simpson, ‘The Untenanted Room’ & Ángel Crespo, ‘A Woman Called Rose and Other Poems’)
Oscar Rickett - Amateur, Professional, Other: The Camden Fringe