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Menard Press 1969-2009: 40th Anniversary Keepsake

Menard Press 1969-2009: 40th Anniversary Keepsake

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The Menard keepsake/catalogue contains accounts of the press by the publisher, facsimile reproductions of press memorabilia and a complete list of Menard titles.

"If it is really true that Menard has published its final book, then I feel inclined to open a bottle of one of the more philosophical French white wines ñ a SavenniËres will do ñ and recall with marvel and melancholy all the literary gems that this small press has unearthed and that would not have been found otherwise, or at least not so quickly: names such as Hans Werner Cohn, Ifigenija Simonovic and Pessoa as interpreted by Zbigniew Kotowicz. There was often a sort of unexpectedness about a Menard book. Suddenly it was there, intimate and vital. Let me toast you in gratitude, Menard Press!"
John Taylor, 2010 (author of Into the Heart of European Literature)

From Menardís 1999 Catalogue:

"Menard Press has become much more than a useful small press, essential as these are for poetry, translation and serious essays which do not command a wide readership. Over the years, Menard has dedicated itself to literary and intellectual excellence, and some of the most treasured books on my shelf bear its imprint."
Elaine Feinstein

From Menardís 1992 Catalogue:

"Menard Press has consistently done what a small press can best do ñ given us what we might not otherwise have had. I feel a personal debt to the press for having come to my rescue nearly twenty years ago, when publishing in general was in disarray and when my own work was not easy to place."
F.T. Prince

"Menard is more than an ardent adventure in publishing. It is one of the very rare imprints in which modern literature and a passionate moral concern meet on equal terms. It has become indispensable."
George Steiner

From Menardís 1984 Catalogue

"What you have produced has gone a long way to bringing about the transformation in public awareness of the dangers. I am most grateful to you, and at the same time full of admiration."
Lord Zuckerman

"... uncommonly important pamphlets... these grabbed me by being literate, cogent, brief and desperate... especially there is an air of fairness unusual in polemical writing."
James Cameron

"I heartily recommend... a whole series of thoughtful and informative booklets from Menard Press."
Andrew Wilson, The Observer