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An internationally renowned stage director and a prize-winning author, Mikhail Levitin was born in 1945, in Odessa, and left to study at Moscow's Academy of Theatre Arts. Levitin's novel Total Indecency was short-listed for the Russian Booker Prize. His other prize-winning novels include You're Murderers and Fools, My Crazy Friend Carlo Callodi and Pluto-Drama. Levitin's eccentric writing — branded ego-realism by critics — is distinguished by its strong element of the absurd, in the spirit of the absurdist writers of the 1920s. For him, the ‘absurd’ is a view of life from its seamier side: where so-called normal people appear insane; and eccentricity is a way of preserving one's sanity, and saving the world's beauty. Source: [url=]Glas[/url]
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