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Terms and Conditions

Authors: Tania Hershman

Published by Nine Arches Press

ISBN: 9781911027225

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‘There is a plentitude and a loss to Tania Hershman's Terms & Conditions. A plentitude of tones and forms and linguistic playfulness, and a fine sense of loss that spins and passes through the poems like the neutrinos she mentions in 'Undetected'. I love the collision of the personal and the scientific in this book, the way that the large and small events of life dance a quantum quadrille with language in the light received and emitted by the writer's mind. There's a memorable prose poem – in which a cow grazes peacefully around one of the many World War One craters that pock the earth around Ypres – that hints at themes of catastrophe and recovery, the risks and the rewards of oblivion. There are many more striking juxtapositions and surprises to explore in this absorbing, amusing, and moving new collection.’ Simon Barraclough

 ‘'Happiness' as one of Tania Hershman's distilled, perfectly clear poems has it, 'is paint' - both a single lamina and a colourful richness. The 'Terms and Conditions' of her new collection's title are those we live under, whether we want to or not, as we find ourselves poised or abandoned between each other, between nights and mornings, home and far away. Tania Hershman's work is full of brilliant and passionate observations on dreams, falling, names and dancing, they are moving, loving meditations on how we move and love, what it feels like to be alive.’W.N. Herbert

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