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Authors: Michael Stewart

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781912436408

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?Bleak but wonderful ... familiar, and of course funny.? Alan Bennett ?Dark, funny and twisted, but surprisingly tender.? A.L. Kennedy Couples is a blackly comic sequence of poems that explore the nature of co-dependency ? of two people who want to be together, but at the same time cannot help but push each other away. The layout of the book is itself a commentary on the phenomenon ? the poems are placed in their own ?couples?, pairs that face each other across the page. Sometimes they exchange a glance, sometimes they stand side-by-side, staring out into the abyss; only when the book is closed, and they are in darkness, do they truly come together. Originally published on Valentine?s Day 2013, the seven-year itch has brought Michael Stewart back to his old flame for a new edition in 2020; reworking the original poems, and adding a dozen more. The result is an unnervingly perceptive volume, to be shared with your ?other half? at your own risk ? you may never look at a couple, or each other, the same way again.
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