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Investigating Mr Wakefield

Authors: Rob Gittins

Published by Y Lolfa

ISBN: 9781784612399

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What's a wife, husband or partner like when you're not watching?

Investigating Mr Wakefield explores the dangers waiting to ensnare those who try to find out.

In tight, breathtaking writing – almost claustrophobic at times – Investigating Mr Wakefield brilliantly explores how surveillance can only too quickly become its own addiction, as Jack becomes overwhelmed by an imagination gone bad.

Jack Connolly was a high flying war photographer. His career went into freefall when he manipulated the image of a dead soldier to make it appear that the soldier died a hero's death. At the time, Jack saw it as an act of simple humanity, but the innocent deception cost him his job and the trust of his peers. It taught Jack the all-important lesson; only one thing matters and that's the truth. So when Jack begins to suspect his partner might be leading a double life, he plunges into a search for the truth behind her actions. Jack believes he's shining a light on all that might be hidden. In fact he's journeying into the very heart of darkness.
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