Banipal Magazine - Issue 22

Banipal Magazine - Issue 22

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Banipal, No 22, presents an intriguing selection of works from around the Arab world – from Lebanon, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia. The cover artist is Kurdish Iraqi painter Sadradeen,


Cover artist: Sadradeen

Ali Mosbah A short story Wind
Abbas Beydhoun Six Poems
Najwa Barakat Excerpt from A Busload of Good People
Hassan al-Shami reviews A Busload of Good People
Tayeb Salih A short story If She Comes
Ibrahim Nasrallah Eight Poems
Salah Hasan A Poem An Old Song about the Plains
Mansoura Ezeldin A short story Butrus: A Distant Hazy Face
Ali al-Domaini Excerpt from the novel The Grey Cloud
Nazih Abu Afash Three Poems
Hussain al-Mozany A short story The Last Wish
Inaya Jaber Thirteen Poems
Issa J Boullata A short story A Retired Gentleman
Rabia Raihane A short story A Red Spot
Fady Joudah A Poem Along Came a Spider
Lisa Suhair Majaj Two Poems
Baha Edinne Taoud Excerpt from the novel Beyond the Self
Rasha Omran A Poem When Longing Tormented Me
Mohamed Choukri A short story Men Have All the Luck
Aziz Chouaki An Excerpt from The Star of Algiers

Birgitta Wallin of Karavan magazine

Samir Naqqash (1938–2004)

Rafik Schami What I learnt from Sheherazade

Peter Clark Re-issue of Gamal el-Ghitani’s Zayni Barakat
Sophie Richter-Devroe Die Reise nach Tell al-Lahm by Najm Wali
[The Journey to Tell al-Lahm]

Fadhil al-Azzawi An Iraqi in Paris by Samuel Shimon