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Sílvia Soler i Guasch was born in Figueres in 1961. She has been working for Catalunya Ràdio as a journalist since 1987. She has written the series of tales Arriben els ocells de nit (1985) and the novels El centre exacte de la nit (1992), El son dels volcans (Columna, 1999) and L'arbre de Judes (Columna, 2001). She is the co-author of Ramblejar (1992), a journey through the history of Les Rambles, Barcelona's most famous street. In 2003, Mira'm als ulls won the Fiter i Rosell Award. She has also written the two titles 39+1 (sold to Portugal, Brazil and Italy) and 39+1+1, both published by Planeta and Columna.
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