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Stephanie McKenzie

Stephanie McKenzie is a poet, editor and professor. She holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Toronto where she specialized in Aboriginal literature in Canada. Her book of literary criticism, Before the Country: Native Renaissance, Canadian Mythology, was published by the University of Toronto Press in 2007. She is co-editor of The Echoing Years: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Translation from Canada and Ireland (2007), co-editor and co-publisher of However Blow the Winds: An Anthology of Poetry and Song from Newfoundland & Labrador and Ireland (2004) and The Backyards of Heaven: Contemporary Poetry from Newfoundland and Labrador and Ireland (2003) and publisher and co-editor of Humber Mouths: Young Voices from the West Coast of Newfoundland & Labrador. With Martin Ware, McKenzie also co-edited An Island in the Sky: Selected Poetry of Al Pittman (Breakwater Books, St. John's, 2003). Her second collection of poetry, Grace Must Wander, was published by Salmon in 2009.
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