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Greenwood Trees

Published by Two Rivers Press

ISBN: 978‑1‑909747‑40‑1

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Marking the 800th anniversary of the Forest Charter, award-winning botanical artist Christina Hart-Davies celebrates our long relationship with trees. Since pre-historic times they have provided us with shelter, fuel, medicine, food and even the air we breathe. They have tanned leather, dyed cloth and made everything from cathedrals to clothes-pegs. We have told stories about them, admired their magnificent beauty and woven them into our spiritual lives. Following A Wild Plant Year, which recorded the folklore and cultural history of our native wildflowers, in The Greenwood Trees Christina looks at the history, folklore and virtues of our native trees - and a few well-known introductions too - all illustrated with her exquisitely detailed watercolour paintings.

We have relied on trees throughout our history. We still do, and we always will. Touch wood. 

·      Which tree provides a talisman supposed to protect against lightning?

·      Which firewood burns best, even when green?

·      Which tree should you plant by the dairy and the privy to deter flies?


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