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Collection: Vagabond Voices

Publisher of translated novels, political polemics and unbridled rants Vagabond Voices is both Scottish and fervently European in its aims. It is a fairly eclectic publisher, and its output will be predominately literary. The polemical works (Rants) will tend towards the promotion of socialist and non-violent ideals, although always in a spirit of openness and tolerance, and ideally more than one polemic could address a single subject from various viewpoints. Literary works in English are categorised as Vagabonds, and in translation they are Changelings, as translations like changelings only look like the original but are in fact subtlely different, and the process of replacement is an act of deception.

Why Vagabond Voices? Novelists do not always resemble vagabonds literally, although many do. But like vagabonds, they are itinerant always in their minds and often geographically too. They move quickly across a landscape, recording it, examining it and often misunderstanding it, because it is not the job of the novelist to utter the final truth on anything, but rather to go in search of small truths while leaving some work for their creative partners: the readers.

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