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Banipal Magazine - Issue 21

Banipal Magazine - Issue 21

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To celebrate publishing 21 issues of Banipal, we invited friends, literary translators, authors, professors and journalists to share with readers their thoughts on the achievements of the magazine and its role in developing dialogue and exhange between cultures.


Cover artist: Azzawi

Editorial – 21 issues of dialogue and exchange
Hoda Barakat – Chapters from Disciples of Passion
Fadhil al-Azzawi – Chapters from The Dead City
Mohammed Achaari – Eight Poems
Emad Fouad – Two Poems
Akram al-Katreb – A poem My Father
Vénus Khoury-Ghata – A poem The Sailors Without a Ship
Faisal Darraj – Mamdouh Adwan and the freedom of the prolific creator
Sinan Antoon – Five Poems
Tarek Eltayeb – A Short Story The Sweetest Tea with the Most Beautiful Woman
Amina Saïd – Five Poems
Eskandar Habache – Poem I Suffer from Autumn
Shimon Ballas – Excerpts from the novel Outcast
Ammiel Alcalay on A Unique Chronicle of Iraqi History
Mahmood Abdel Wahab – Two Short Stories
A Different Kind of Woman and An Exceptional Passer-by
Mahdi Issa al-Saqr on Mahmood Abdel Wahab
Faraj Bayraqdar – Eight Poems
Maher Menzalji – A Short Story The Grand Plan
Jalil al-Qaisi – A Short Story Zulaikha
Fadhil al-Azzawi on Jalil al-Qaisi
Haifa Bitar – From the novel A Woman of this Modern Age
Ashur Twebi – Six Poems
Qassim Haddad – Five Poems
Gamal el-Ghitani – A Short Story The Crop
Samuel Shimon – The Assyrian Bear, a chapter from a novel
Mohammad al-Abbas – Women Novelists in Saudi Arabia

Stephen Watts She Says by Vénus Khoury-Ghata
Maudie Bitar A Woman of this Modern Age by Haifa Bitar
Guy Bennett A Red Cherry on a White-Tiled Floor, poems by Maram al-Massri

Stephen Watts Poems of Mourid Barghouti A Small Sun

Mona Zaki Novel of Youssef al-Mohaimeed Traps of Scent

Abbas Beydhoun The Stranger, The Outsider and the Foreigner