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Banipal magazine – Issue 6

Banipal magazine – Issue 6

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Fadhil al-Azzawi: Poems from Bedouins under an Alien Sky _with appreciation by Khaled Mattawa
Zakariyya Tamir: Seven short stories
Tony Hanania: Excerpt from forthcoming novel Eros Island

Faisal Darraj: The novelist of alienation in daily life
Ghalib Halasa: excerpts from the novel Al-Khamasin
Ghalib Halasa: short story The Birthday

Waleed Khazendar: Poems, with appreciation by Subhi Hadidi
INTERVIEW with Edwar al-Kharrat
Mona Zaki: Saleem Barakat's mezmerising world of language and metaphor
Saleem Barakat: Excerpts from the novel The Crossing of the Flamingo
Vénus Khoury-Ghata: Poems
Nathalie Handal: Poem excerpt
Juan Goytisolo: The truth of fiction
Hassouna Mosbahi: short story The Tortoise
INTERVIEW with Rashid al-Daif
Rashid al-Daif: excerpt from the novel Learning English
Nabil Naum Gorgy: Short story The Competition
Mohja Kahf: Poems
Mani’a Said al-’Otaiba: Excerpt from the novel Karima
Nujum al-Ghanim: Poems
Mehdi Charef: Excerpt from the novel Alexina’s House
Issa J Boullata: Short story Search for Saleema
Fawziyya al-Sindi: Poem
TRIBUTE: Bassem K. Frangieh: The Last Exile of Abdul Wahab al-Bayati
Kareem Abed: Poems
Ounsi el-Hage: Last stanzas of The Messenger with her Hair Long to the Springs
Saadia Mufarreh: Poems

Margaret Obank: Ports of Call by Amin Maalouf
James Kirkup: Arab authors published in French
Samir el-Youssef: The Hill of Gypsies and other stories by Said al-Kafrawi
Susannah Tarbush: The Tent by Miral al-Tahawy

Algiers: Arab Study Days of Literature and Poetry
Copenhagen: Arab-Danish Cultural Festival