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Y Lolfa was established as an independent publishing company in the mid-1960s. It was involved in the fun and protest of the time and combined the popular with the political in its general and fiction lists, publishing in both the Welsh and English languages. The company recently absorbed its Alcemi literary imprint into its own Lolfa brand, so as to strengthen the range of the fiction published.

Some of its authors – Gee Williams (Salvage), Fflur Dafydd (Twenty Thousand Saints) and Richard Gwyn (The Vagabond’s Breakfast) are well known and have won high profile literary prizes. New fiction for 2013 includes gritty, groundbreaking fiction by Robb Gittins, Llwyd Owen, Peter Luther and Jonathan Hicks.

Y Lolfa’s general viewpoint can be summarised by the words of Alasdair Gray, engraved on the Scottish Parliament building: “Write as if you live in the early days of a better nation.”



Y Lolfa
Cymru / Wales
SY24 5HE 

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