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Yvonne Weekes

Yvonne Weekes believes that if you touch one soul, you change the world. If this is true, her impact has already been as forceful as the volcano she fled. As writer, actor, director, producer, performance poet, teacher facilitator, caring friend and mother, she has touched the souls of many and changed the lives of quite a few. Yvonne was born in London to Montserratian parents and grew up in London and Montserrat. Yvonne is a graduate/trained teacher of Drama and English. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education gained from the University of the West Indies. She started teaching Drama and English in England in 1981. In 1987 she moved to Montserrat where she taught English and formed the Rainbow Theatre Company directing and producing plays which traveled to a number of the islands. Yvonne has the distinction of being the island's first Director of Culture. Yvonne is the winner of the distinguished Frank Collymore Literary Arts Endowment Award for 2005 with her novella entitled Volcano.
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