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A Night on the Lash

Authors: Graham Mort

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854113757

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Like a painter, Graham Mort builds through a steady accumulation of precise and beautifully-observed details. The pictures that emerge are often surprising, even shocking in their effects. Mort is adept at imbuing a landscape with the moods and memories of its inhabitants. Touching, thoughtful and articulate, A Night on the Lash confirms his reputation as an exceptionally gifted poet.

"Mort is prepared to employ rhyme, half-rhyme and internal rhyme, and there are a couple of sonnets here. His control of the verse-line and the verse-paragraph are as impressive as his incisive way with words and images… Here the invitation to 'think' provokes no abstract generalities but precise concrete images drawn from the physical world."

"Like Keats he loads every rift with ore; he can turn an Anderson shelter or a domestic encounter with a bat into a rich verbal concoction."
Poetry Wales

Graham Mort has had a lengthy career as a freelance writer and artist in education, specialising in innovative combined arts projects. He has taught writing courses for the Arvon Foundation and Taliesin Trust and was director of studies for the Open College of the Arts. He lectures in Creative Writing at Lancaster University where he directs the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research and develops writing projects in Africa for the British Council. Amongst his many awards are the Cheltenham Poetry Competition first prize (twice), a major Eric Gregory Award, two Duncan Lawrie prizes in the Arvon Foundation International Poetry competition, and a Poetry Book Society recommendation.
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