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A Textbook of Healing

A Textbook of Healing

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Carol Brierly is a healer. She is also a qualified physician, and was, before retirement, a consultant dermatologist. Many can testify to her love and commitment towards those in need. After retirement in 1983 she founded the Prometheus School of Healing near Huddersfield, which ran until the early nineties.

"In this book I am going to tell you about healing: about the basics that make a good healer and about the way that we can draw upon the energies of life; in essence, the how and why of healing. The book is based on the notes given to the students of the Healing School. It is a mixture of experience and understanding both of health and disease.

Topis covered include:

how to look at the aura
the chakras
the ethics of healing
the celestial drainpipe - blockages within healer and patient
the practice of meditation
the art of dowsing
flowers and gem essences

- as well as practical and scientific facts and figures about light, colour and sound, how these affect the body and how they may be used in healing."

Dr Brierly explains esoteric and often difficult subjects in clear straightforward language, full of humour and commonsense.