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Anecdotal Evidence

Anecdotal Evidence

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Irene Rawnsley is well known as a children's poet, but she is also a skilled and perceptive writer of poetry for adults. Her poems display considerable wit, affection and vulnerability, conveying their messages in a clear, economical style.

Anecdotal Evidence is her first adult collection since Shall we Gather at the River? (Littlewood/Arc 1990). She lives in North Yorkshire. She enjoys walking in the countryside, her garden, and being with family and friends.

Gervase Phinn, author of The Other Side of the Dale and Over Hill and Dale, regards her as one of his favourite poets: "One day, you never know, I might be as good as [she is]."

Anecdotal Evidence

She grabs her purple coat to leave, no hat,
though the rain's turning to snow and
she's missed her bus by miles, no chance
of meeting her appointment, but where

to go? The library is shut on Wednesdays,
Susan from The Salon has gone home and
Jeff Watts Fruit and Veg is carrying in
boxes from the street to the beat of

Radio One. The Late Shop is lit up,
people queueing for booze or baby food
but she needs to keep moving,
to feel the pavement under her feet.

Three times round the block he'll be gone;
this charm used to lose the bully boys.
Anne was her friend at school, Anne who
collected cards from sweet packets, had

the whole set of Wonders of the World
held together by an elastic band.
The hedges, gardens sit white and tidy;
nobody has left the curtains open.