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Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854112026

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This eagerly awaited collection by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams is her first since 1990's acclaimed Book of Shadows.

Her style is intensely lyrical and imaginative but also finely controlled and tempered by a keen intelligence. This collection includes shorter lyrics as well as two fine sequences. There are poems here inspired by personal experience: by family, dreams and childhood memories. Others are re-interpretations of myths or historical anecdotes. Always evident is the author’s profound and passionate response to nature; these poems are steeped in all weathers and seasons. The 'Sculpture at Margam' sequence is a series of meditations based around the history and setting of Margam Abbey on the coast of south Wales, while the five parts of 'Spring in Saskatchewan' vividly evoke the scenes, myths and events encountered by the author on a recent visit to Canada.

The critics on the author's last collection:

"... unusually readable; an attractive book, written with contagious enthusiasm by a conscientious author in love with her subject. Admirers should flock in plenty"
Anne Stevenson, Stand

"... fluid and integrated, rhythm and theme perfectly harmonised"
Richard Poole, Planet

Hilary Llewellyn-Williams was born in Kent but made her home in west Wales for a number of years, before moving recently to Pontypool. Widely published, she has read her work in a variety of venues and taught in schools, workshops and seminars. She has also travelled in Europe and North America. Her collections for Seren are The Tree Calendar, Book of Shadows and Animaculture.
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