Animal Magic: Poems on a Disappearing World

Animal Magic: Poems on a Disappearing World

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A beetle disguised as a water-drop? A cat that lives in the desert and never drinks? A frog poisonous enough to kill just by touching it? This beautiful book all about the animal kingdom features playful and engaging poems on more than 40 animals, birds and insects, including some of the world's most endangered species.

You'll find everything from the panda to the bumble-bee, from the cave racer snake to the Madagascan robber moth, even something called a gastric brooding frog...

Perfect for both children and their parents, the poems are accompanied by wonderfully eye-catching illustrations by Rose Sanderson, along with fun facts on the animals and their amazing behaviour in the wild.

I am the colour
of all that I see,
the leaves changing colour
also change me,

and so when I rest,
and then when I fly,
I am the branches,
I am the sky.
(‘Mirror Beetle’)

Liz Brownlee’s work has appeared in over 60 children’s poetry anthologies in the UK, including Read Me and Laugh (2005) and Space Poems (2006), both published by Macmillan.