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Art And Nature

Authors: Robert Gillmor

Published by Two Rivers Press

ISBN: 9781909747050

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Allen W. Seaby’s life has been described as “a classic tale of Victorian self-improvement.” But there is more to the tale than just upward mobility. A. W. Seaby was a pioneering, innovative and inspirational man who rose to become a prominent print-maker, teacher, author and illustrator.

Best-known for his colour woodcut printing using traditional Japanese methods, and as a prominent wildlife artist, the story of Seaby’s many accomplishments is recounted by his grandson, who inherited Seaby’s love of birds and became internationally renowned in his own right, Robert Gillmor.

Alongside this personal recount, Martin Andrews (Seaby’s successor as President of the Reading Guild of Artists) selects aspects of his career and expands upon his techniques, his illustrative methods, his circle of fellow artists and the books he published to give a full and rounded account of a man whose work is currently enjoying a well-deserved renaissance.

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