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Authors: Molly Naylor

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909136878

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Badminton can be dipped into at random, but if you read it sequentially you will find an extra layer of thematic pattern and shape. Part one, Beginnings, consists of poems that are young or hopeful or directly speak to the start of things. Part two, Middles, is sticky. The poems here try to unpick and unpack events, feelings or relationships. Part three, Endings, traverses doomed love, failure and acceptance. It’s about lessons learned and letting go. The book as a whole attempts to address our predicament in a way that is silly, open-hearted and unashamed. These poems have been met, fought with and then abandoned. They were not written in a classroom. They asked to be written, mostly at inopportune times - on trains, in fields, in bars and in the backs of taxis.

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