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Banipal 39 - Modern Tunisian Literature

Published by Banipal Magazine

ISBN: 2216314615363

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Tunisia is known as a popular holiday destination but until now its rich literature has not had the recognition it deserves, except for the poems of Abu Al-Qasim Al-Shabi. Banipal 39 – Modern Tunisian Literature features over 150 pages of poetry and fiction by Tunisian authors, plus an introduction to the country’s literary pioneers with profiles, and book reviews.

Banipal 39 – Modern Tunisian Literature includes newly translated works of the foremost poet in the Arab world, Adonis. Also fiction from major authors Fadhil al-Azzawi and Mekkawi Said, and poems from upcoming British-Lebanese poet Omar Sabbagh.

Plus a tribute to the late Taher Wattar (1936-2010), and to critic Farouk Abdel-Kader (1938-2010).

Plus Book Reviews: Albert Cossery – The Jokers, Habib Selmi – The Scents of Marie-Claire, Mahmoud Darwish – Journal of an Ordinary Grief, Inaam Kachachi – The American Granddaughter, Hédi Kaddour – Treason, Mohamed Mansi Qandil – Moon over Samarqand and Hayan Charara’s Arab American poetry anthology, Inclined to Speak.
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