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Banipal Magazine - Issue 19

Banipal Magazine - Issue 19

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Banipal takes its name from Ashurbanipal, last great King of Assyria and patron of the arts, whose outstanding achievement was to assemble in Nineveh, from all over his empire, the first systematically organised library in the ancient Middle East.

CONTENTS: Feature on Araqi authors; Tribute to Abdelrahman Munif (1933-2004); Tribute to Mohamed Choukri (1935 - 2003); a selection of profiles, poems and short stories; one novel excerpt and book reviews.

TRIBUTE to Abdelrahman Munif (1933-2004)
from Banipal, Abdo Wazen, Abdu Khal,
Abdallah al-Ghathami, Sa’ad al-Bazei, Gamal el-Ghitani
and Ibrahim Abdel Meguid. Interview by Eskandar Habache

TRIBUTE to Mohamed Choukri (1935-2003)
with photographs from his life with writers

Mohammed Bennis – Profile & Poems
James Kirkup – letter to Mohammed Bennis

Ghalia Kabbani A short story Dreams of a Well-Bred Girl
Abdo Wazen Selected Poems
Zahir al-Ghafri Selected Poems
Mohammed Sof A short story A Very Marginal Man
Joumana Haddad Five Poems
Latifa Baqa – short story Bad Soup!
Ebrahim al-Khaldi Two poems
Ziad Khaddash A short story The Absence of a Sister
Youssef al-Mohemeed Three Poems
Ahmad Nuaimi A short story The Dictator’s Delicacy
Hassan Nasr Four Very Short Stories
Marwan Ali A poem
Mohja Kahf Two poems

Fawzi Karim Selected Poems, introduced by Saadi Simawe
Kadhim Jihad Essay The Iraqi landscape in the early poems of Badr Shakir al-Sayyab
Lutfiyya al-Dulaimi A short story What the Storytellers Did not Tell
Golala Nouri Three Poems
Najim A Mustafa – Tales from Three Bags of Raisins
Kadhim al-Hallaq Three Short Stories
Abid Jaafar A short story A Maze of a House
Mahmoud Sa’id A short story Bitter Morning
Samuel Shimon Two Poems
Salima Saleh Short story Those Boys
Sinan Antoon – Excerpt from novel Diacritics

Richard McKane Miracle Maker, selected poems of Fadhil al-Azzawi
Margaret Obank Adama by Turki al-Hamad
Anthony Thwaite Zodiac of Echoes by Khaled Mattawa
Margaret Obank The World’s Embrace by Abdellatif Laâbi
James Kirkup Continent de douleurs by Fawzi Karim
Susannah Tarbush Fatma by Raja Alem
James Howarth The Bleeding of the Stone by Ibrahim al-Koni
and Saeed the Pessoptimist by Emile Habiby
Shakir Mustafa Where the Rivers Meet by Herbert Mason
Mona Zaki Qawarib Jabaliyyah by Wajdi al-Ahdal

Hassouna Mosbahi James Joyce in Tunisia