Banipal Magazine -  Issue 4

Banipal Magazine - Issue 4

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Issue 4 includes interviews and appreciations on poet Mahmoud Darwish, novelist Albert Cossery, novelist Yusef Habshi al-Ashqar and novelist-playwright Ahmed al-Fagih. Plus works by 11 poets, six fiction-writers and articles on the Arabic Novel.

EDITORIAL A door here, a window there - opening up the house of Arab literature

Poems, interview and appreciations

Poem Without Exile, Who Am I?
plus excerpts from The Damascene Ring of the Dove trans. Anton Shammas
Poems: We Used to Lack a Present, Four Personal Addresses, Love Song from the Cross and Solo Performance trans. Ibrahim Muhawi
Drought trans. Khaled Mattawa
A Cloud from Sodom trans. Sargon Boulus
Interview by Hassouna Mosbahi
Appreciations by Anton Shammas, Bassam K Frangieh, David Kennedy, Stefan Weidner.

Albert Cossery – Appreciation, excerpt and interview
James Kirkup: introduction and excerpt from the novel
The latest news from al-Qahira
Shaker Nouri interviews the Egyptian novelist

Fuad Rifqa: Poems
translated by Adnan and Paula Haydar

Yusef Habshi al-Ashqar The Shadow and the Echo
Excerpt from his trilogy with appreciation by translator Adnan Haydar

Wadih Sa'adeh
Maram al-Massri
Seema Atalla
Ahmad Kattouah
Mohammad al-Harthi
Nezar Andary
Hatif Janabi
Bassem al-Meraiby
Mohammad al-Hussaini
Abdulaziz Jassim

INTERVIEW A writer at night
Libyan author Ahmed Fagih talks with Margaret Obank

Rachid Boudjedra
Hassan Daoud
Hussain al-Mozany
Laila al-Ouhaydib
Habib Selmi
Iman H. Younes

The Arabic Novel
Faisal Darraj on the problems besetting Arab novelists

The Poet and the Magazine
Samuel Shimon on Saif al-Rahbi poet and editor of Nizwa

Susannah Tarbush: Taha Husain's Education by Abdelrashid Mahmoudi
Stefan Weidner: The Arabic Literary Heritage by Roger Allen
Bassam K Frangieh: ’Aa’ed ila al-Quds [Returning to Jerusalem] by Issa J. Boullata
Samir el-Youssef: Rites of Assent two novellas by Abd al-Hakim Qasim
Margaret Obank: Bab el-Oued by Merzak Allouache
Peter Clark: The Arab writer in English by Geoffrey Nash
Margaret Obank: Bint Arab by Evelyn Shakir
Lebanon: Four Journeys to the Past by Roseanne Saad Khalaf
Susannah Tarbush: Sun on a Cloudy Day by Hanna Mina