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Being Me

Authors: Peter Kalu

Published by HopeRoad

ISBN: 9781908446701

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Meet Adele Vialli: an intelligent, funny and resourceful 14-year-old – and a born troublemaker. Bored by her privileged life in a leafy suburb, Adele prefers shoplifting and hanging out with her footballer boyfriend, Marcus (from The Silent Striker).

Adele is the star of her school’s football team, and when an England scout comes on the lookout for potential new players, her future seems full of promise. But when her City banker dad suddenly starts flirting with the mother of her ‘frenemy’ and fellow footballer Mikaela, a war breaks out between the two girls which threatens to throw everything off course.

Teenage rivalry, family troubles – and the beautiful game. An honest, tender and witty examination of what it means to grow up in a culturally-diverse Britain today, and the struggle every young person goes through of finding out and understanding who they really are.

"Kalu packs plot and compulsive characters with story lines that grip" - The Voice (on Yard Dogs)


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