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Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854113269

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From the epic mythologies of the Mabinogion through to the present day, birds have exerted a powerful influence on the literature of Wales. This unique anthology gathers together a remarkable range of poetry and prose, illustrating the the varied and multi-layered response of writers across many centuries.

Birds are metaphors, cyphers for human experience; they carry our hopes, ambitions and emotions. Our lives and those of birds are intimately connected, yet birds also remain 'other'. Fragile yet marvellously enduring; majestic killing machines; birds are the spark for powerful writing: a cause of wonder, reverence and joyous celebration.

Dewi Roberts, who lives in Denbighshire, is well known in Wales as an anthologist. His regional compilations include Visitors' Delight and A Clwyd Anthology. He has published a travel book, The Land of Old Renown, and is an essayist and reviewer for a number of publications. Apart from literature, his main interest is local history.
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