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Blue Room

Authors: John Kavanagh

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781908836298

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The poems in Blue Room traverse the features and landscapes of John Kavanagh’s homeland, the West of Ireland.

Throughout his work, Kavanagh is drawn into personal reflection on impending crises in our culture, ecology and environment, the signs of which are all around him. This fear for the future is balanced against the transcendent possibilities of, and insights gained from, being the father of two young boys.

John Kavanagh is from Sligo. His previous collections are Etchings (1991) and Half-Day Warriors (1999), both published by Salmon Poetry. He is also a playwright, with five plays produced to date in Ireland and the US. His audiobook The Life and Works of WB Yeats won the Talkies Award for Best Poetry in the UK in 2002.

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