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Catching the Light: Views and Interviews

Catching the Light: Views and Interviews

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This fascinating series of literary views and interviews illuminate the coming of age of Belfast-born poet Gerald Dawe during the fifties and sixties in Northern Ireland, the literary and political worlds he discovered on moving to the Republic of Ireland in the early seventies, and his travels since, in Europe and other parts of the world, shadowed by the violent closing decade of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new century.

"Gerald Dawe is an explorer, like Darwin and Humboldt, sailing way beyond the boundaries of his own Belfast identity in order to chart the minutiae and the ordinary design of far flung terrain, searching for the geographical and the personal and discovering in the process a kind of truth and courageous expression in his work which is unique and transforming, and ultimately also reveals itself as a true homecoming."
Hugo Hamilton

"One of the wonderful things about Gerald Dawe's work, both as a poet and as a critic, is that there's a sense in everything he writes of a kind of precision, care and attention to detail which manages to be both extraordinarily honest, and extraordinarily precise in its relation to whatever object he's writing about-whether he's evoking it as a poet or whether he's describing it as a critic-what you find continually is that quality of engagement which is the same quality you find in the poet. It's the quality of openness to the world."
Fintan O'Toole

"Dawe's prose is a convincing argument for insisting that all writers become poets first"
Sean McMahon

Gerald Dawe has published seven collections of poetry, including The Morning Train, Lake Geneva and Points West. He has also published The Proper Word: Collected Criticism and My Mother-City. He teaches at Trinity College Dublin.
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