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Circus Apprentice

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614029

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Entente It’s that time of the morning when the suburbs are pure, stripped clean, and the birds are out, not changing the subject whatever it is – with sometimes a rush of song, as one by one they fit into their feathers. Just now there’s one who chatters, never stops, and there’s one who listens, occasionally answers – an audience of one is enough.

Divided into five sections – poems about the landscape and the environment; about personalities and lives, love poems (with variations); poems on general subjects but from a personal perspective, and a sequence of poems entitled ‘After Kandinsky’ – Circus Apprentice is a powerful collection that demonstrates Katherine Gallagher's considerable poetic talents and will certainly be well-received by all those familiar with her work.

Katherine Gallagher is a well-known and popular performer at poetry venues throughout the London area. She was born in 1935 in Maldon, Victoria, graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1963 and taught in Melbourne before moving to Europe, living first in London and then in Paris. In 1979 she moved back to London, working as a secondary teacher and, after 1990, as a poetry tutor for the Open College of the Arts, Jackson's Lane and Barnet College, London. During this time she co-edited Poetry London as well as working extensively with primary school children. In 1978, she was awarded a Writer's Fellowship from the Literature Board, Australia Council, and in 1981, she won the Brisbane Warana Poetry Prize. Her book Passengers to the City (Hale and Iremonger, Sydney, 1985) was shortlisted for the Australian National Poetry Award.
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