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Come to Me

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781908376220

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His narrative poems are precise, focusing on what may otherwise be overlooked. Whether fable-like in tone, or ruminating on the familiar such as lying in bed, bathing, drinking water and chatting, Vērdiņš’s observation is sensual, often sexy.

The erotic is as part of his experience as eating, perhaps the two are inseparable “beautiful as everything that enters your life”, just as the world tips into surprising angles, where emotions are upended and light fills every shadow.

Kārlis Vērdiņš was born in 1979 in Riga. He is the author of many academic papers and essays on literature, both Latvian and foreign, as well as a prolific literary critic. He has published four volumes of poetry, all to a great critical and popular acclaim and fetching top literary awards. Vērdiņš has also written librettos and song lyrics and has published translations of American Modernist poetry. His own poetry has been translated in many languages, including collections in Russian and Polish.

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