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Curve of the Moon

Authors: Noel Monahan

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781907056383

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Curve of The Moon is a haunting exploration of individual and collective voices. Divided into four sections, this new collection deals with life as lived at the edges, where myth and reality overlap in an untamed landscape, where earth-mother sonnets curve around a moonland of dreams.

Monahan’s belief that we are essentially alone prevails throughout the collection and the truths of yesterday are questioned alongside the false gods of modern times. Ultimately, Monahan enters a psychic wasteland, creates bridges that give access to a youthful reimagining of the past and raises the voices of a forgotten community to full poetic chorus.

"The poet (Noel Monahan) has transformed the base metal of words, through the crucible of wisdom and experience, into the molten gold of poetry."
Helen Dwyer, Irish Writers Union

"Monahan cares for his place, ... the dark days and the moon filled nights, the sullen earth and the sparkling dewdrops on a five-barred gate."
Rita Kelly, Giving Voice, Contemporary Cavan Writers

Noel Monahan has won numerous awards for his poetry and writing: including The SeaCat National Poetry Award, organised by Poetry Ireland, the RTE P.J. O’Connor Award, the ASTI Achievements Award, The Hiberno-English Poetry Award and The Irish Writers’ Union Poetry Award. His poetry is prescribed text for Leaving Certificate English, due for examination in 2011 and 2012. Curve of The Moon is Noel Monahan’s fifth collection of poetry. Opposite Walls was published in 1991, Snowfire in 1995, Curse of The Birds in 2000 and The Funeral Game in 2004, all published by Salmon Poetry.
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