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Dances with Vowels

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780955402869

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It is not Dances with Wolves by Stef Penney... but is Dances with Vowels by Kevin Cadwallender !

Kevin Cadwallender was raised by a pack of vowels but found himself in a land of no sun, scant noons and jive cadets. Poetry came to him as a scrabble board of acne mists and algae guns. Escaping the polar hotels, he has since dwelt among larded nuns and in the seediest towns.

Dances with Vowels brings together poems from twenty-three of the many small-press chapbooks Cadwallender has published since 1984, as well as from his three full-length collections of poetry: Public, Baz Uber Alles and Colouring in Guernica.

Angry, funny and surreal, these poems explore the world of the underdog, the world of the crawling from beneath the boot, the world of turning over clouds to find the silver lining and scraping graffiti on its cumulus underbelly. Dances with Vowels has a heart that beats for its native North East. Lewd and clear.

Poems that turn over clouds to find the silver lining.

Exploring the world of the underdog – angry, funny, surreal.
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