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Dante in the Laundrette

Authors: Sean Burn

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780956814487

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Dante in the Laundrette is a study in extreme urban lyricism – a love-song from the Third Circle of Hell, where it is always raining. In the Third Circle, Lear is a council estate bully; Caedmon has been gender-reassigned and re-housed in a Newcastle tower block. Meanwhile Dante is sitting in the all-night launderette, contemplating the endless washing-cycles.

Dante in the Laundrette is an early morning walk through hungover Northern streets, a vision of innocence and beauty framed by the gaze of the CCTV cameras and the drum ‘n’ bass soundtrack of rain.

“Thank goodness that Sean Burn is keeping the alternative poetry scene alive and kicking.”
David Caddy

Sean Burn is a writer, performer, playwright, painter, film-maker and disability arts activist. His previous books include a novel, Margin-Walking (2007), three spoken-word CDs and three books of poetry published by Skrev Press: Edgecities (2007), The Edge (2007) and Wings are Giving Out (2009). He is currently Outside In artist-in-residence at the New Gallery Walsall. He lives in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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