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Dark Peak

Authors: JG Parker

Published by Stonewood Press

ISBN: 9780956912220

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The Earth is being poisoned and we hardly know we're doing it. Climate change, pollution, natural disasters...

But the Earth has something special: a race of ancient protectors, the elementals, who can summon the very elements that make up our world: Stone, Fire, Wood, Cloud, Words, Water, Iron...

And the elementals have something special too: generations of human companions skilled with talents exclusive to their elements, and destined to help battle the worst excesses of mankind.

Jake Walker discovers what it means to be the Limestone elemental’s companion. But all he wants to do is keep his head down and get on with his life. He isn’t cut out for fighting and teaching people how to treat the world better.

But if he doesn’t learn quickly the world will end, and his sister, his mother and everyone alive will be crushed under earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. Because at the centre of this chaos is the beast, an entity that travels from one world to another feeding on
greed, apathy and selfishness until all that’s left is wasteland.

Only the elemental can stop it. And only with Jake’s reluctant help. But Jake has no idea what to do, and nothing is guaranteed…

Dark Peak is the first novel in the Elementals series.

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