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Destiny in My Hands

Authors: Primrose Dzenga

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781907056550

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Destiny in My Hands

Do you mock me, fair one?
Do you insult me whirlwind of worlds unknown?
Or do you try and tempt me?
Now in my hand you repose
Temperate lady destiny?

Destiny in my hands
Fair as a shell conch
In my hand, my heart my being
So fine, too thin to tread,
The line I can feel and not see
Yet too wide to leap,

Hence destiny must I embrace
A chaste peck on the cheek
Formal, stone cold, dead
Dare I enfold and entangle
In my arms, my life, my emotions?
My heart, my dreams and fantasy.

Primrose Dzenga was born in Wedza, Zimbabwe in 1982. She has been published in Ireland by Salmon Poetry in the anthology Poetry: Reading it, Writing it. Publishing it, edited by Jessie Lendennie. Primrose is also a creative non-fiction author and her first non-fiction novel The unsung heroine - Auxillia Chimusoro, was published in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwe Women Writers in 2009, with a grant from The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe. Primrose is also a performance poet who has read and performed her work at international festivals. Her greatest passion is to work with and write about issues that advance, empower and inspire women all over the world. Her poem, 'The unsung heroine - A tribute to Auxillia Chimusoro', appears on the USA Embassy, Harare, website. Destiny in My Hands is her first full poetry collection; it deals with issues of identity and rights and human relationships.
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