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Dinner with Fish and Mirrors

Authors: Ivana Milankov

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614784

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Ivana Milankov belongs to the first generation of poets from Central and Eastern Europe to be influenced by American anti-establishment poetry, including the Beat poets. Her own work, as a result, captures and rails against Serbia’s rich historical and religious history. Hers is also an untiring effort to reach beyond the confines of the world towards mystical revelation, to communicate the incommunicable.

Translated by Zorica Petrovic & James Sutherland-Smith.

Ivana Milankov once translated the works of Allen Ginsberg on his tour of the former Yugoslavia, and subsequently worked with him in workshops in Colorado. She now works as an English teacher.

James Sutherland-Smith was born in Aberdeen, and has lived in Serbia since 2002. His own collections include In the Country of Birds (2003) and Popeye in Belgrade (2008), both published by Carcanet.

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