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Dream Catcher 29

Published by Dream Catcher

ISBN: 9780983348238

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Dream Catcher 29 takes the reader on an astonishing journey.   A voyage propelled by the power that words have to create, in a single phrase, new evocative vistas of time and place, to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, to take a step beyond the obvious into mystery and ambivalence.   Again and again the reader’s expectations are confounded by a sudden twist, by light striking from a different direction, a shaft of wisdom, a flash of humour. 

There’s horror here, but love too. There’s anger, there’s death, there’s the redeemming power of the everyday, and the despair of the lost and alone.

Our contributions come from every corner of the British Isles and from France, from Italy, from Canada and the USA.  Some contibutors are well known: Mario Susko, Kenneth Steven, Helen Burke;  while for a few this is their first publication.

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